Aboriginal Cultural Consultancy aims to increase knowledge including an understanding of the specific cultural and historical patterns which have structured Aboriginal lives in the past and the ways in which these patterns continue to be expressed in contemporary Australia; an awareness by professionals of their personal values and beliefs, and a capacity to move away from using their own cultural values as a benchmark for measuring and judging the behavior of people from other cultural backgrounds; and, a repertoire of resources and skills  needed to work more effectively in intersectional contexts.

The consultancy offers the following services 

  • Cultural & Clinical Supervision

  • Cultural & Clinical Reflective Practice


  • Trauma informed training for working with First Nations Peoples

  • Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety Training



First Nations Wellbeing workshops because we understand the struggle of living and working in community - COMING SOON !!!!


We can tailor training to meet the needs of your agency as required please contact us to discuss.

Program design:

The consultancy can work alongside you to design culturally appropriate services to assist in the healing of first nations peoples

  • Facilitation of consultation workshops for Community

  • Master of Ceremonies for Community Events.

  • Public Speaking Engagements