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About Me

Wurundjeri • Gunung William Balluk • Ngurai Illum wurrung

Sue-Anne Hunter is a proud Wurundjeri and Ngurai Illum Wurrung woman, committed to self-determination and advocating for the rights of all First Nations Peoples. Sue-Anne worked in the Aboriginal Child and Family Welfare field for over 20 years and has been appointed director on several boards.

 Sue-Anne holds a Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy, A Master Certificate in Trauma Recovery and a Masters of Social Worker and has an in-depth understanding of developmental, trans-generational and community traumas as well as western modalities of therapy, her studies have been recognised nationally and internationally and she is proficient in multiple therapeutic interventions, in which she combines with cultural knowledge to bring about healing change for her people. Sue-Anne is passionate in ensuring her people receive a high quality of service delivery particularly in the space of health and wellbeing.

​On the 14th of May 2021 Sue-Anne was appointed to the Yoorrook Justice Commission as 1 of 5 Commissioners. Yoorrook has been established as an independent Royal Commission under the Inquiries Act 2014. It will focus on truth-telling and healing for First Peoples, by inquiring into historic and ongoing systemic injustices perpetrated against First Peoples in Victoria by State and non-State entities since colonisation until today. Yoorrook is the first Aboriginal truth-telling body to be established in Australia.